iVolt - Smart voltmeter to monitor Batteries health

Bad weather, long family vacations, forgot to close your car door completely, forgot to turn off your car lights or your car won't start due to battery drain. Remember these problems? In the USA alone, about 100 million automobile batteries a year are replaced and 52% of car problems are due to battery issues. AdeptPros proudly introducing iVolt, a smart voltmeter, which monitors the battery health and alert you about battery drain thru a mobile App.

iRelay - smart living made easy

Turning regular facilities into smart facilities "without" smart devices

iRelay is a multi-port wireless control system for various connection points inside your premises, be it your home, factory or shop. You can remotely control and operate various appliances, machines and/or security systems etc., from wherever you are using a mobile app.


uCharge is a multi-purpose smart charger that doubles up as a proximity based advertising kiosk for traditional and digital marketing. It charges four mobile devices at once. Available in different colors and capacities, uCharge could be an useful device for families and businesses. It also comes with iBeacons, that instantly turns this multi-purpose device into a proximity based digital marketing tool.

Model i1

  • 9000 mah with 4 USB ports
  • Charges 5 phones fully
Model i2

  • 11000 mah with 4 USB ports
  • Charges 6 phones fully
Model i3

  • 13000 mah with 4 USB ports
  • Chargers 7 phones fully


Beacons are smart sensors, which help businesses enrich their customers experience by delivering relevant mobile Ads based on context, proximity, location and business type. Unlike many existing GPS based systems, Beacons provide more accurate location. It helps businesses to increase revenues, branding and customer loyalty. We offer both iBeacons (for Apple iOS) and EddyStone (for Google Android) beacons.

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