Internet of Things (ioT)

Intel foresee 26 smart objects for every human being on Earth. In the last three decades, Computers, Applications, People and Commerce have been connected to the Internet. Now and in the future physical "things" will be connected to the internet. Smart Phones will play an integral role in this future of IoT. Your business could benefit greatly by offering IoT enabled products.

AdeptPros has developed many IoT products and has expertise in connecting various smart devices and creating beautiful user-centric applications for daily use. We have a demo IoT lab with various Smart devices integrated to demonstrate our expertise in connecting WiFi, Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, NFC, Sensors, Cellular and RFID technologies for a more efficient and innovative life. We have expertise in providing solutions for:







We have expertise in providing solutions for: Smart Device Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Software development services to bring your product to life.

Enterprise mobility

Enabling enterprises with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Solutions:

Enterprise Mobility has become the most effective way to run any business today! Employees, customers, partners and suppliers demand mobile freedom and flexibility while enterprises require security and control. AdeptPros has the expertise to exceed these requirements.

Our team has helped many enterprises build meaningful apps to improve productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. For many years we have been assisting our clients from strategy, development and deployment services for their projects in iOS, Android, Windows and Web technologies.

End-to-end delivery capabilities with deep domain expertise:







Hands-on expertise in developing cross platform mobile applications using:


Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale over a network. At AdeptPros, we are the experts in cloud services. We can lead your strategy and roadmap for leveraging your existing or new cloud technologies that include initial plan and design, development, deployment, migration and maintenance services enabling a smooth transition to the cloud. We will play an integral role in ensuring your solutions get to the market faster. We will assist you in your migration to the cloud, with the ultimate goal to cut costs, and help you focus on your core business instead of being impeded by IT obstacles.

Our experience spans comprehensive platforms from leading providers such as Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, IBM, Google, and Microsoft. We provide re-designing and integration of applications with cloud environments, or build new solutions in the cloud from the ground-up. We help you optimize your return on investment by developing quality solutions allowing you to get to market quickly and efficiently.

Web 2.0

Delivering robust and responsive web, mobile web and mobile applications with superior user experience.

Web projects continue to grow in scale and scope. They can be simple to an experienced developer, but many organizations want bigger, more complex and detailed web applications. It has also become a necessity to not only have a web presence, but a web application along with a symbiotic mobile app and coinciding device with a specific look, feel and function. We will create medium savvy, device specific application/s according to your specifications.

Our web application development services enable our clients to build and implement custom applications to meet diverse needs like business automation, web development, social media, e-commerce, and other enterprise wide functions. Our web applications are first rate on performance, scalable, and intuitive in nature, helping businesses to connect with a global audience via web-enabled devices. From integrated databases, to real-time updates and social networking, you can expect superior accessibility, portability and scalability. AdeptPros will deliver a web application that will engage your audience and foster loyalty from customers and employees alike.

Big Data

"Big Data" refers to extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. With the rapid growth of emerging digital Big Data offering technologies, it is imperative for organizations to find innovative approaches and technologies that will position you ahead of your competitors. Utilizing Big Data requires transforming your information infrastructure into a more flexible, distributed, and open environment. AdeptPros simplifies this by leveraging the power of data to your advantage with our Big Data Analytics services. We have technical expertise to work on Hadoop, SAP Hana tools and we deploy data scientists to help define the reports.

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