universal ioT platform

Now many 'Hardware Devices (Things)' are being manufactured with the ability to connect to Internet, the need for an universal IoT platform is increasing. IoT is transforming many industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Retail, Transportation and Hospitality. Connecting, monitoring and managing various devices, sensors, locations, gateways, hubs, apps and data is becoming a challenge. And IoT is being offered in various forms by device manufacturers, software developers, cloud providers, and big data related companies. Solving this puzzle and creating a vision around IoT is becoming a major challenge for enterprises.

To meet these needs, AdeptPros developed an enterprise and agnostic IoT platform to support various business types, locations, devices, sensors, hubs, gateways, apps and cloud services.


Customer-centric marketing platform

Customer experience drives brand equity more than ever. Marketers are betting on location based, personalized, efficient and consistent customer experiences, which will translate into customer loyalty and brand value.

With our marketing platform and kit, enterprises can achieve these goals easily. We provide smart table top chargers to display advertisements and offer customers the ability to charge their mobile phones at your location. We also provide wall mounted Beacons, Apps and Cloud platform to deliver digital promotions while at your location or home.

Mobile POS + Payments platform

Anekam is the easiest way to implement a mobile point of sale (POS) system with an integrated payments processing facility. It is useful and handy for small to medium sized businesses. Customers can pay using cash, check or cards. Card payments are processed through highly secure, reliable and low fee payment gateways. Anekam integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth or Audio based card readers, printers, scanners and cash drawers. Businesses will retain existing fees and their merchant account and will be able to integrate their system with ours.

Processing Partners

real estate

Worldwide, enterprises are now relying more on analytics to acquire new clients and revenues. Real Estate businesses are trying hard to catch this technolgy wave and benefit from it. Our platform empowers Builders and Real Estate agents gain valuable insights through real-time data capturing about customer expectations and behavior as they hunt for their dream home. Information about these customers’ needs, preferences, likes, dislikes and budget for their ideal home is gathered using our solution. The analytics are all derived from actual customer visits to the properties listed on the platform by offering attractive rewards and loyalty programs.



Visitor management, simplified. Visitor registration process at large office and residential communities is often tedious, to say the least. DigiPass provides an end-to-end solution to simplify and streamline the guest registration process. Using DigiPass, you can significantly reduce your guests’ waiting time as they visit your premises. No more calls on the intercom to confirm your guest’s identity. Eliminate communication gaps when you host people at your residence/place of business. A seamless, hassle free entry and exit process!

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